Improve your life and Relationships

This course is for you if you want to work on your life and relationships, by creating more compassion for yourself and others.

Whether you're new to counselling/psychotherapy, or wanting to engage with it again, but unsure where to start, these booklets will help you get started.

This is one of a series.

Enjoy and get in touch with feedback and further suppport.

The Guidebook

This guidebook will get you more familiar with what compassion is, what it can look like, as well as raising awareness of potential barriers and life situations that might make compassion more difficult for some people, but easier for others.

Find out how you can create and live a more compassionate life!

Questions to reflect on

These questions will help you delve deeper into how compassion is at work in your life, and how to get the most of life through compassionate living.

Your next steps

This is all about having regular check-ins with yourself about compassionate living, and keeping aware of what's working, what's not, and what you might want to work on more or less.

Compassion Check-list

Once you've gone through all the materials, have answered your reflection questions, and planned your next daily steps to a more compassionate life, this check-list will be an easy way to keep yourself "in check" with what you want to achieve from this mini-course and developing a more compassionate life.

Print outs

I've created these for you, so you can print them out and frame them or put them somewhere visible, as reminders of your new journey into more compassionate living.

Curriculum for Creating and Living a More Compassionate Life

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